Fit is not a destination, but a way of life which should be carried into every aspect of life right from the clothes you wear. One can never emphasize enough the importance of wearing good clothes as it is said “you become what you wear”. Though simple it might sound, getting good custom clothes was always a herculean challenge. Either the option was to go ahead with high street fashion designers or to compromise by wearing something that doesn’t fit seamlessly into your life – budget or fit.

As entrepreneurs passionate about problem solving, we saw this as a great opportunity to bring a purpose led innovation to our life. Our aim is to create great quality affordable custom clothing for men. Hangrr was created in October 2011 and since then with relentless efforts and perseverance, what you see today is a modern day evolution of custom clothing.

For us, Hangrr is not just an enterprise but has become a way of our lives. Constant iterations are made with the core focus on improvement – be it in quality, fit or service. It will not be an exaggeration but even today we make an honest effort everyday in going through your orders, personaly overseeing them at times and ensuring you are delivered nothing less than perfect.

With lot of love and appreciation, Hangrr has become a great innovation led solution for custom clothing with its presence in London, San Francisco and India and has grown to a team of honest and dedicated 35 people.

With Hangrr, we really hope that people will wear good fitted clothes and look better.


simple . luxurious . accurate


We are here to make the best fitting custom clothes for you, with an unmatched value for money. We support this with a dedicated customer service, because we strongly value our customer relations and are looking to keep doing what we love the most for a very very long time to come.

We manufacture love in every suit we make!

Hand-crafted perfection
Value for the Buck

Team Hangrr

Rishabh Khandelwal

A serial entrepreneur, a hardcore technologist and a believer in multidisciplinary problem solving. Before co-founding Hangrr, Rishabh was the founder and Founder of troopp.com, a global microvulunteering crowd-sourced platform.

Rishabh is responsible for bringing innovation and creative energy. He is the backbone of the overall design at Hangrr. Rishabh holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and is an self-taught avid designer. He enjoys creative arts like photography, graphic design & music.

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Sakshi Jain

Originally hailing from the beautiful Pink City, Sakshi has completed her Post-graduation and started her consulting career from United Kingdom. Having travelled more than 12 countries, Hangrr was born over a coffee conversation at Starbucks -London. With a flair for solving problems, equipped with acquired expertise in Psychology and consulting experience she set out to change the way Men suit up globally.

Sakshi is a strong believer in simplicity and an approach of one step at a time! Her vision has helped spread Hangrr across 3 countries around the world in no time. She has a strong passion for delivering beautiful products – be it clothes or user experience.

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Each individual in this list has been our customer first, then again and then again and then loved us so so much, that they took it upon themselves to promote and propagate our awesome products and services. They truly believe what we are doing is Revolutionary!


We aim to bring bespoke clothing to the common man at the highest quality and the best value for the buck!

Why Custom?

We strongly believe that every man is unique and no one size fits all. In today’s technologically advanced world it is definitely not difficult to get every man unique custom made clothing that fits him and only him!

Making you happy :)

We are a fairly young, flexible bespoke studio that designs and hand-crafts quality products just for you. We work flexibly with you to fulfil your design needs. Whether you need to create a suit from scratch or whether you are looking for a design you saw on the internet. We love to put a big smile on your face every single time.

Pioneers in bespoke suits online!

Well, they said you could not get suits online. Then they said you can never get the right fitting online. We are enjoying proving every cynic wrong here with our Trial at your Doorstep Service! A truly bespoke experience to ensure you get the best fits and value for your money.

Want to work with us?

Well you can always engage with us from any part of this world. We are a fairly global team with a cross-cultural background and would love to work with more like minded people who are passionate about the problem statement we are trying to solve. Just drop an email to jobs@hangrr.com

Hangrr - Premium

100% Bespoke Fits

100% Fits

We pioneered worldwide Trials to ensure true bespoke 100% fits. Without following any standard business model we are disrupting the way men shop for clothes online!

Try custom suit from home

Bespoke Luxury

The luxury of a complete bespoke experience with a trial was only available at brick and mortar stores for 4 times our prices. But at Hangrr you get this luxury at your doorstep at unbeatable prices.

enjoy hassle free shopping with Hangrr

Total Simplicity

We believe in making things simpler, faster and easier. We work towards making the entire experience, both online and offline, fit seamlessly into your life.

Best Value For Money

Value for the buck

We aim at delivering unmatched value for money by by-passing middlemen, overheads and property expenses. Our team proudly brings to you affordable, accurate and amazing bespoke experience online.

Happy to help

Passion for Service

We pamper our customers with a deligent service and continous support. You get this level of committment from us at 1/4 the normal price you would pay at other stores.
Always available on chat and care@hangrr.com

custom brilliance

Self-Made Brilliance

All this is possible just because we manufacture quality products inhouse, having complete control over all aspects of your suits!