The ever-amazing classic white suit for men

Nothing looks more classy and stylish than a man in a well-fitted white suit. Add a sharp looking contrast tie, elegant cufflinks and a suave tiepin – that’s the formula for dressing up for any wedding or be it a party that you want to attend. When you walk in a room wearing a white suit you exude confidence and would quickly become the center of attraction in that room.

5 tips for wearing a white suit -
1) Dirt and stains – that’s the only downside of wearing a white suit. If you think you are slightly clumsy white suits are not your thing
2) Go for a well-fit look – within no time you will find yourself surrounded by people complimenting you.
3) Cravats look amazing with a white suit. A very classy silk cravat will add the perfect amount of color to your dashing outfit.
4) Do not wear a solid tie. Slanted lines would look the best. A polka dot tie would add the zing element too.
5) Last but not the least – be ready to get a lot of phone numbers ;)

Places where a white suit would do wonders would be -
1) Weddings
2) Engagements
3) Casino
4) Dinner party

A white linen suit would be the most ideal solution for a perfect summer party/ business suit. It will keep you cool and make you look even cooler. You can check an amazing white linen suit here. Also an additional bonus for all the poker fans out there check out an amazing online poker experience.

Also the next time you decide to go to a casino try wearing a white suit. The kind of attention you will get will be completely different. Add your poker face on and you will be the most dreaded player on the table.

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