Different Types of Fabrics

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Worsted and Tweed, are different varieties of wool. Tweed is the bulkiest, not advisable for Indian weather. It is sensible to concentrate instead on worsted and it blends to give you great fall and finish.


A soft, light fabrics, usually with a brushed surface, flannel is a processing and finishing technique that may be in just about any fibre.The fabric is made in varying weights.


“Gaberdina” means a woolen cloak which was used for making protecting capes though the middle ages. This fabric is multi-seasonal an a smooth on one side while having diagonally ribbed surface on the other.


It is made of traditionally cotton and comes in either a plain or twill weave. It has a woven or sheared ribs on a smooth, velvety surface. The very narrow ribs are called “pin wales” and separated ridges are called “wide wales”.


This fabric is famous for its thick, tightly-woven pile. Velvet is produced by various methods, one more complicated than the other.



Initially a twilled cotton fabric used for military uniforms. While it is not a very popular fabric for the suits, it is ubiquitous for casual and semi-formal trousers today.


“Natural fibres like cotton and linen are really coming back into fashion”. Men’s suiting fabrics has fairly standards patterns, with a few variations depending upon that hour.  Broadly, the categories are stripes, checks, and plaids.


There is specific terminology defining different categories of stripes, they are hairline (the thinnest of the stripes), often white, sometimes coloured. Then there are pin stripes (very slender), chalk stripes (named because they appear to be drawn with a piece of chalk) and finally there are shadow stripes (they are not really stripes in usual sense) but giving a istinctly striped impression due to the fabric weave.



A check pattern is composed of contrasting squares of any size, which are repeated to resemble with some variations, checks also have different types like broken checks, pin checks, glen checks.



These are wide-ranging patterns, which are composed of bars of varied, multiple stripes, which cross each other at right angles to form squares or rectangles of different designs and/or colors that are regularly repeated.


Colors that are really safe to work with for men’s wardrobes are neutral colors. White, black and grey are the most obvious, and basic, neutral colors. They combine safely with one another and can look rather neat, though a bit boring.

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