The Elegant Dinner Jacket

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For men who get tired of going everywhere in a suit, a dinner jacket could be another viable option. Not all co-operate Indian men wear suits to work. However, often hey may need to go for a business dinner to a stylish restaurant or club where a dinner jacket is mandatory.

Dinner jackets are usually made out of the same material used for regular suit jackets. It is important to select a fine fabric as a whole idea of a dinner jacket is dressing to impress. A dinner jacket can be worn worn with any nice pair of pants. Men’s dinner jackets are necessary for any man in a professional world. They are formal & sober. However, increasingly, dinner jackets are getting funkier with young men teaming them with jeans & chinos, & getting really adventurous with prints, piping & plenty of embellishments on their jackets.


Yet, the classic dinner jacket still remains the black tuxedo, worn with a white shirt and vest (or cummerbund black) with a black tie or bow, although there aren’t too many takers for it anymore. The perfect shirt for a formal dinner jackets (or tuxedo) still remains a pleated white shirt with French cuffs, embellished with golden studs (removable cuff links). Bow ties are also favoured in black or dark colours, in either saint or velvet. The style between straight bow ties and bigger butterfly bows.

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