How To Manage Wardrobe?

Wardrobe management idea for suits

To manage wardrobe together is no easy task. But it is not impossible either. You have to, first and foremost, understand yourself and evolve your own style. How simple or sophisticated your Wardrobe needs to depends upon how simple or sophisticated your lifestyle is! Its about as basic as that.


Suppose you are the sort that goes work and comes home, and your environment is casual at all times. There is absolutely no need to go on a binge buying formal or business suits. Your wardrobe could well revolve around semi-formal shirts and trousers, with some casual thrown in. If, on the other hand, you have a lifestyle that demands variety then your wardrobe needs to reflect that.


According to Charles Hix, in his defintive tome, “Dressing right”, an organized approach works best. You need to determine your clothing expectation and needs. The best way to do this is get hold of a notepad and start on a clean page with pencil.


Divide the page into four cloumns. In the first, list out all the activities you need cloths for and be specific, such as: Regular office wear, Broad/Business MEetings, Power Lunch, After-Office Cocktails, Formal Office Dinners, Theatre Evenings, Sunday Brunch at the club, Meeting friends for Drinks at the bar, Pub Hopping, Family Dinners, and so on.


In the next column, next to each occasion, write down the kind of cloth you would like to wear and feel your best in. This time don’t be too specific. Rather, just write “formal suits”, “sporty attire”, “preppy look” and such description that convey your mood and attitude than any specific outfit.


Now comes the tricky part. In the third section you need to write out an estimate of the approximate percentage of your time that you think you will spend on each activity in the coming months. This will help you determine how many items of clothing you need under each head.


Finally, in the last column, write down how important each activity is. Are you more concerned about how you appear at social functions than at work? Or vice versa? This will help you get the wardrobe you really want.


You can always put your own look together by mixing and matching what you have, but there are some tricks to becoming a good dresser:


  • Look at other men! Yes, this is not weird as it sounds. Women check out other women all the time. Men on the other hand, are not very keen to to check out other men out because of social conditioning somehow makes this unacceptable. However, this is merely a learning process. By observing what doesn’t work in other men’s wardrobes, you will able to discover your own style statement.

  • There are lots of fashion magazines, television networks, fashion shows an so on that put out the style statement of the season. You could easily find role models in your age group and of a pretty much your own body type to model your look on, that can be duplicated with your own interpretation.

  • Pick up techniques! There is so much to learn to maximize your assets & minimize your flaws. Also, new combinations, textures & accessories are all out there.
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