How to Tie Windsor Knot

windsor knot with suits

The Windsor knot is best worn with a wide collar or spread collar. When tied properly, the knot is tight, and does not slip away from the collar during wear. Compared to other knots, it is very comfortable to wear, as the knot itself will hold the tie firmly in place while still keeping space between the collar and neck. The knot is symmetrical, well balanced and self-releasing. It is a large knot, which amply displays the fabric and design of the tie when wearing a closed jacket or coat. Here is a look at how to tie a completed Windsor knot, it is up to you if you would like to dimple, double dimple, or go flat.

This is a wide and a triangular tie meant basically for wide spread shirt collars.


  • Start with the wide end of the tie on the right hand, extending 12 inches or 30 cm below the narrow end.

  • Cross the wide end over the narrow end and bring the wide end up through the neck loop.

  • Bring the wide end down, around and behind the narrow end, and then up on the right hand.

  • Bring the wide end down, around the neck loop and cross it right angles over the narrow end.

  • Turn and pass through the neck loop again and completely by slipping through the knot front. Then tighten the knot firmly against the collar.



Though the Duke of Windsor is credited for this stylish necktie knot, the “Windsor Knot” was allegedly named after the Duke without his consent. Folklore has it that his father King George V passed the knot down to him along with the crown jewels, thus associating the Duke of Windsor with the tying method from that time forward. Later, in 1936, Edward the VIII abdicated his throne as King of Britain so that he could marry Wallis Warfield Simpson, an American divorcee. As a result, his brother took the throne and the title of Duke of Windsor was granted to Edward. The dashing gentleman captivated the world with his tale of sacrificing the throne for love. Throughout his time in the spotlight, Edward the VIII sported the symmetrical necktie knot with which American journalists and the general public ultimately associated him as well.

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