The Bright And Blond Contrast

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Another classic male complexion is fair skin crowned with golden blond hair. Once again, the surest way to ensure your visage its rightful due is to buck it up with the relevant pageantry, as exemplified by these two fashion plates, whose sport jacket and suit ensembles clearly publicize their gilded crowns.


To build the dressing style around one’s distinctive coloring, makes sure that at-least one item in each ensemble reflects the gold tone complexion from the outfit. In this image it looks classy, yet not enlightened, since the white shirt and and bold striped tie do little to enhance, specially hued countenance. By pressing into service an array of colors more congenial to its own, he elevates his face to a higher level of stylish sophistication.



When you are debonair as in this image, there is an abundance of riches to work with, making it a challenge to render him in sub- par raiment. His plaid suit’s light and dark pattern synchronizes well with medium contrast features. His countenance would suggest starting with a blue dress shirt to play up his bespectacled orbs of cobalt blue, and reddish or burgundy neck-wear to work the same magic on his slightly ruddy skin tone.


When swathed in this first combination of somber gray shirt and maroon neck-tie, that looks pales by comparison when juxtapose to the next one. Things can’t help but perk up when a strong blue shade of shirt and a very pink tie are lobbed into the proceedings. Once again, echoing skin tone and eye shade in clothing helps lift the face from smart to smarter.

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